Two Despicable Lies — Spiritual Warfare Is Ramping Up!

The Daily —————by Randolph Jason —————–Fri., Dec.04, 2020

Two worst lies of 2020: the most secure election in history and the most deadly pandemic

The spiritual warfare is ramping up. The satanic globalist are terrified that we the people are rising up. They know Trump is going to serve a second term – they are getting their molotov cocktails, piles of bricks and brown shirts are all-in and preparing for January 20, 2021.

They may come out prior to that date but make no mistake about it – that day the useful idiot, brown shirts will be out and armed up.

Put your mask away – stop social distancing – live your life and tell those around you to do the same.

If you are looking to government, to satanic globalist like Bill Gates, Joe Biden and most all the government “authorities” to save us, you are looking in the wrong the direction – you are looking to the wrong person to save you. Why do you continue to listen to liars? Why do you listen to people who want to kill you?

Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone. F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) is your biggest enemy and the satanic globalist know it and use it against you. The devil greatest weapon is his ability to make believe he doesn’t exist. Don’t let your guard down.

Michael J. Matt makes an impassioned plea for all Americans to come to the aid of our country. What’s happening to the United States right now transcends political parties, religious affiliation, gender and race.

If you love America, you must understand what going to happen to her in 2021. Senator John Kerry (another apostate Catholic) told the World Economic Forum that Joe Biden, if sworn in, will make the Great Reset a top priority. But does Sen. Kerry even understand what that means? Do you?

STOP THE STEAL RALLY | Saturday, Dec 5 at 12pm | State Capitol Building | Event page:…


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Canada: Ontario Med Officer Says “No Vaccination, No Freedom To Move Around”

Summit.News ————-ByPaul Joseph Watson ————— Fri., Dec.04, 2020

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer says that those who refuse to take the COVID vaccine won’t have “freedom to move around” and will have to continue to wear masks.

Dr. David Williams was asked if he “would make some sort of mandatory vaccination recommendation.”

Williams acknowledged that “we can’t force someone to take a vaccine,” but when on to explain how people who didn’t take it would have their freedom of mobility severely restricted.

“What we can do is to say sometimes for access or ease of getting into certain settings, if you don’t have vaccination then you’re not allowed into that setting without other protection materials,” said Williams.

What may be mandatory is proof of…vaccination in order to have latitude and freedom to move around…without wearing other types of personal protective equipment,” he added.

Williams also suggested that people would be prevented from entering certain settings without having been vaccinated if there was a “risk.”

As we previously highlighted, governments do not have to make the vaccine mandatory, they can simply make life unlivable for people who refuse to take the vaccine.

If bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports venues, airlines, employers and others all make the vaccination a mandatory condition of service, anyone who refuses to take it will be reduced to a personal form of de facto lockdown with their social lives and mobility completely stunted.


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MORE COVID INSANITY: L.A. Mayor Bans Unnecessary Walking

Daily ————–by Brianna Lyman ——————–Fri., Dec. 04, 2020

Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a new emergency order Wednesday that bans unnecessary “travel on foot” as he warns the city is nearing a “devastating tipping point” in their fight against COVID-19.

Our city is now close to a devastating tipping point, beyond which the number of hospitalized patients would start to overwhelm our hospital system, in turn risking needless suffering and death,” Garcetti wrote in the order. “These unfortunate facts about the spread of COVID-19 in our City mean that we must resume some of the more restrictive measures we instituted in the Spring.”

The order prohibits “all travel, including, without limitation, travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, automobile, or public transit,” with limited exceptions.

Individuals who work in the healthcare and news industry are allowed to travel, along with individuals going to grocery stores, gas stations and other locations deemed essential.

Garcetti also ordered all residents living in the city “to remain in their homes,” forcing businesses that require in-person attendance to shut down. Gatherings that include individuals from more than one household are prohibited.

Full article here:

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Brother Nathanael: Biden’s Mandatory VAX Plan (3 min vid)

Posted by r. a. ———Vid By Brother Nathanael —————-Thurs., Dec.03, 2020

Bro Nath commentary is about “beating the will of the people to death”. He goes on to declare, “If you think America is sick now, the nation dies under Biden”.

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YEAH RIGHT! Former Prezs Obama, Clinton, Bush Willing To Take Vaccine On Camera

If these former demonrat presidents take “the jab”, you can bet it will be water and not a vaccine. (r. a. note)

By Mattew Brown—- USA Today ——————-Dec. 03, 2020

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have said they are willing to take a coronavirus vaccine to prove that the treatment is safe and effective. They may even film themselves getting injected.

The announcement comes as large swaths of the American public have expressed concerns about taking a potential coronavirus vaccine, despite early results from several vaccine trials showing them to be highly effective at stopping COVID-19.

“I promise you that when it’s been made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it,” Obama said on an episode of SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show” that airs Thursday. Some audio of Obama’s comments were released on YouTube Wednesday.

“I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed, just so that people know that I trust this science,” Obama continued. “What I don’t trust is getting COVID.”

The office of former President George W. Bush confirmed to CNN that he would be willing to take a vaccine to boost public trust as well.

“President Clinton will definitely take a vaccine as soon as available to him, based on the priorities determined by public health officials. And he will do it in a public setting if it will help urge all Americans to do the same,” Angel Ureña, a spokesman for Clinton, told USA TODAY.

The resistance against vaccines is especially high among communities of color, with Black Americans expressing the most doubts about taking a potential vaccine in polls.

Full article here:

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Chuck Schumer Endorses Biden’s Plan To Force Public Schools To Allow Males In Female Bathrooms(tweet vid)

The ————-By Jordan Davidson —————Thurs., Dec.03, 2020

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer supports former Vice President Joe Biden’s plans to force schools receiving federal funding to accommodate students’ who want to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and play sports with students of the opposite biological sex.

In addition to granting transgender students’ privileges in the bathroom and on the field, Biden has promised to use “executive authority” to “immediately reverse” the Trump administration’s policies that he believes are discriminatory and implement an agenda to “advance global LGBTQ+ rights and development.”

Some of his proposed changes include enacting the House Democrats’ Equality Act to legally cement pro-LGBTQ actions including allowing incorporating “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into federal anti-discrimination law, cracking down on the “broad exemptions to discriminate” through religious freedom, and expand and funnel federal funding to programs meant to support LGBTQ communities.

Continues here:

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76 Nuns Test Positive For Covid In Germany Convent——————- By Michael Gryboski ———– Wed., Dec.02, 2020

A coronavirus outbreak at a Franciscan convent in Germany has resulted in 76 nuns testing positive for COVID-19, although none of them have thus far required hospitalization.

The Sisters of Saint Francis of the Martyr St. George in Thuine, an order known for overseeing nursing homes and schools, alerted officials last week when an outbreak took place.

While 76 nuns tested positive, 85 others received negative results and 160 lay employees at the facility are awaiting the results for their tests.

“We are grateful that so far nobody is in the hospital,” said Sister Maria Cordis Reiker, mother superior of the convent, The Associated Press reported. “We don’t know how things will continue regarding our schools, it’s all still in flux.”

Continues here:

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UK PM Boris Johnson: Vaccinations Won’t Be Mandatory.

By Zero Hedge ————————————-Wed., Dec.02, 2020

Following a series of rallies in London where thousands rallied against mandatory vaccination policies, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated Pfizer and British regulators for becoming the first in the West to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, but cautioned that taking the vaccine won’t be mandatory.

Speaking to Parliament Wednesday morning, Johnson said “I strongly urge people to take up the vaccine but it is no part of our culture or ambition in this country to make vaccines mandatory; that is not how we do things.”

He also warned that “it is very, very important” that Britons “do not get their hopes up too soon about the speed at which we will be able to roll out this vaccine.”

The Pfizer jab “won’t deliver a knockout blow” to the virus, and BoJo warned that all Britons must continue to follow social distancing rules.

Last week, BoJo said that he believes that anti-vaxers are wrong, during a Downing Street news conference yesterday, Boris Johnson said that while vaccination would not be compulsory, he urged “vulnerable people who need a vaccine should definitely get a vaccine…everybody should get a vaccine.”

With the Moderna and AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccines coming down the pipe, the UK hopes to vaccinate “the vast majority” of the most vulnerable – patients, and health-care workers – by Easter.


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Body Bags Dumped On Doorsteps of Republican Senators (Vid)

Western ————-By Jack David ————————-Wed., Dec.02, 2020

Republican senators who have rejected COVID relief packages that are the brainchild of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were targeted in a protest Tuesday in which body bags were left at their doors.

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina were the focus of the protest.

At each senator’s Washington, D.C.-area residence, protesters dragged body bags from a truck and dumped them out front.

Many bags bore signs that said “Trump COVID Death.”

A group calling itself SPACEs in Action claimed responsibility in a tweet.

“GOP senators led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been blocking House-passed COVID relief for months. Over 270,000 dead, more losing jobs & homes & small businesses, and still they’re playing politics. Today we brought the bodies to their doorsteps,” the group tweeted.

A spokesperson for Inhofe said that the group picked the wrong targets, noting that Democrats are stalling passage of any COVID relief bill.
“May I suggest they try sharing their concerns with Speaker Pelosi or Sen. Schumer? They are the ones holding up relief — not Sen. Inhofe,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

Full article here:

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The Social Contract Is Broken! Red Terror Has Entered In

By Henry Makow ———————– Wed., Dec.02, 2020

What is now happening in the US mirrors the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Will it be followed by a Red Terror?

“This is the test. If Trump retains the Presidency, he is a genuine American patriot. But if he doesn’t, it means he took a fall because he is beholden to the same people as the Communists.”

The social contract guarantees personal freedom, democracy, and justice in exchange for the obligations of citizenship.

“No taxation without representation” was the battle cry of the American Revolution.

This contract has been severed by two world-changing events

(1)The upgrading of the common flu to a “pandemic” in order to rob millions of their livelihoods and enact drastic, political, social, and economic changes outlined in UN Agenda 21.

Include the preposterous idea that they can vaccinate the whole world against an ailment with no symptoms and a minuscule death rate. And exclude you from society unless you submit to a vaccination which is no different than rape.

(2)The blatant theft of the 2020 US Presidential election with the complicity of the mass media, corporate America, Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and possibly Trump himself. Communists have been rigging elections around the world for decades. It is very hard to believe that Trump did not know that George Soros’ Antifa was counting the vote.

What does this mean? We have been egregiously betrayed.

Clearly, a Communist one-world government is already in place.

It is based at the UN, the WHO, the US Demonrat Party, and China. It seeks total control over our lives combined with total surveillance.

They have imposed an identical covid template worldwide: masks, social distancing, lockdowns, remote learning, plexiglass, floor signs, etc.

Continues here:

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