Posted by r. a. ————Vid by Exposing Corruption —————Thur., Mar.04, 2021

Reporter: Timothy Charles Holmseth

The following vid contains info regarding Trump and Pence when they were in office. The reporter offers some very interesting observations about traitor Pence and his involvement with the “Shadow Gov”.

Give a listen if you get the time. The vid is 12min.

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FALSE THREAT OF CAPITOL ATTACK ON MAR.04/21 ————–By Storm, House, Flatley —————Thurs., Mar.04, 2021

Law enforcement warnings that a militia group may be plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol on Thursday raised tensions again in Washington and helped prompt the House to cancel plans to meet for votes.

“We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4,” the U.S. Capitol Police said in a statement Wednesday. “We are taking the intelligence seriously.”

That alert followed a joint intelligence bulletin late Tuesday from the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation about extremists discussing carrying out attacks at the Capitol from March 4 to March 6. Melissa Smislova, a senior Homeland Security official, told two Senate committees about the threat on Wednesday.

The police warning didn’t give specifics, citing the “sensitive nature of this information” that comes about two months after a Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol by extremist supporters of then-President Donald Trump. That attack led to at least five fatalities.

Two congressional aides said the House canceled plans to vote on Thursday and is scaling back other events at least in part because of the threat. The Senate still plans to meet.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a member of House Democratic leadership said it was “not my understanding” that there was a link between the threat warnings and the decision to cancel Thursday’s session.

The March 4 timing coincides with the date linked to conspiracy theories about it being the “true inauguration day.” Presidents were sworn in on that date until the 20th Amendment to the Constitution shifted the ceremony to Jan. 20, in 1933.

The latest warnings caught many in Washington by surprise because they came a day after acting Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett told lawmakers that Capitol Police had no indication groups would travel to Washington to protest or commit acts of violence.

Full article here:

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Posted by r. a. —————Vid by The Sun ——————Thurs., Mar.04, 2021

A woman urges Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt a new “Climate Change” campaign slogan. (r. a. note)

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RT ————–Wed., Mar.03, 2021

Seven Bolivian college students were killed and five others injured after an indoor balcony railing broke and sent them plummeting, some as far as four floors, to the ground.

As a large number of students crowded into a fourth-floor hallway at the Public University of El Alto near the Bolivian capital on Tuesday morning, the balcony railing apparently buckled and gave way. Several students lost their balance and fell to the ground 17 meters (55 feet) below.

The horrific incident was captured by bystanders in graphic footage, which also shows the brave actions of students who reached over the open edge to prevent others from falling. A few victims landed on the third floor rather than dropping all the way to the ground level.

The seven fatalities were confirmed by Bolivia’s Special Force to Fight Crime. Three died at the scene, while the other four perished from their injuries at hospitals around El Alto, according to local media reports.

The deadly incident happened during an apparent scuffle in the crowd during a large student gathering. The local police said after a preliminary investigation that the railing was not properly welded and fixed in place, leading to the tragedy.


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Rumor Mill —————-by AndiV —————-Wed., Mar.03, 2021

The term “Codex” is basically the written rules, laws of a group.

The following tweet is from the American TV Series “V” 2009. (r. a. note)

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Babylon ————-By Staff ———————Wed., Mar.03, 2021

JACKSON, MS—Shortly after Texas made national news by lifting its mask mandates, Governor Tate Reeves (pic above) of Mississippi also announced a complete lifting of his statewide mandates, reminding everyone that Mississippi is a state in the country that exists and has people in it.

“Today, we are lifting all COVID mandates in the great state of Mississippi,” said Reeves. “Yeah — Mississippi! Remember us? Yep, we’re still down here! Y’all should come to visit sometime, maybe. We have excellent Walmarts, and we have that huge river, too. Oh yeah– and FREEDOM! We got freedom too!”

Leftists were prepared to criticize Governor Reeves for “literally killing people”, but they first had to Google whether Mississippi was a real thing and if there were actual people living down there.

“We thought Mississippi was just a fictional place from country music,” said New York Times editor Lisa Flambeaux. “I’ve never seen it in person. Maybe it’s just under an invisibility shield, like Wakanda.”

Local residents claim to not be worried about COVID spread in light of the mask mandates ending and are looking forward to getting back to normal life, getting sodas at the gas station or catching snapping turtles or whatever they do down there.

“Come on down and find out!” said Governor Reeves.


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Raw —————By Brad Reed ————————-Tues., Mar.02, 2021

Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones confessed to a filmmaker in 2019 that he was secretly sick and tired of dealing with former President Donald Trump.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch blog, filmmaker Caolan Robertson caught Jones disparaging Trump after Jones had hired him to help shoot a propaganda movie called “You Can’t Watch This.”

“It’s the truth and I’m just going to say it: That I wish I never would have f*cking met Trump,” Jones confessed. “I wish that it never would have happened.”

Jones went on to say that he was simply exhausted by the former president.

I’m so sick of fcking Donald Trump, man!” he fumed. “God, I’m fcking sick of him!”

Robertson also showed Hate Watch text message exchanges with Jones in which Jones asked him to not put his negative comments about the then-president in the final movie.

“Please don’t put me b*tching in the film,” he requested. “I don’t do it a lot. But when I do look out.”


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Posted by r. a. —————–vid by rumble ——————–Tues., Mar. 02, 2021

Rumble — Kari Lake: “Journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom…I don’t like the direction it is going. …I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way.”

At the 1 min 14- 18sec mark, Kari states she didn’t believe a lot of the news script she had to read was not truthful.(r. a. note)

The vid is 2 minutes long.

Source: Via Citizens Free Press

Click on Rumble vid link just below!

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Posted by r. a. ——————Vid by SMH ——————–Tues., Mar. 02, 2021

Take a look at this vid and you’ll discover how “THEY” create a lie and present it as truth re Moon/Mars landings. (r. a. note)

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YOUNG WOMAN VIOLENTLY ARRESTED IN LONDON UK (vid) —————–By Paul Joseph Watson ——————Mon., Mar.01, 2021

At an anti-lockdown protest in Bishops Park in London, police made arrests, including aggressively apprehending a woman who refused to ‘show her papers’: has become a familiar site in the UK and has been going on for months, yet even police themselves are sick of it.

“Police don’t want to police this. We have had enough of this. It is not policeable. It is not manageable,” Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation told The Telegraph Sunday.

Marsh added that police do not want to put themselves at risk when they have to break distancing restrictions to question and arrest people over lockdown rules.

“We have to break Covid legislation every day of the week,” he said, adding “What if I turn round and say to my 32,000 members: ‘Adhere totally to Covid legislation.’”

“That is not what we want, but if we have to do that to protect my colleagues I will do that. Ministers are just not listening,” Marsh urged.


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