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The head nurse of the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, reveals that Politicians are given placebos! 

In Slovenia a big scandal broke out and today the whole of Slovenia is talking about a big frame-up. The head nurse of the university medical centre, a clinical centre in Ljubljana, who is in charge of receiving the vials and managing everything!

She resigned, went out in front of the cameras and took out vaccine vials with liquids.  

She showed people the codes on the vials, where each one has codes starting with 1, 2 or 3, and then explained what the numbers mean. 

Number 1 is a placebo, a saline solution!!!! 

!!! Number 2 is a classic mRNA vial. !!! 
!!! Number 3 is a stick of RNA that contains an oncology gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. !!! 

For those bottles with number 3, she says that people who received it will get soft tissue cancer within 2 years. The third dose gives cancer so avoid the 3rd dose, it’s your life at stake here! 

She says she personally witnessed all the politicians and tycoons being injected and they all got the shot with the number 1 batches, so they got a saline solution, a placebo. And that explains why she stabs all our politicians when they take pictures for the media. 

This was also revealed in the US recently by a nurse. 


!!! ATTENTION !!! Head Nurse Quits, Reveals How Elites Get Placebo Injections !!! MASIVE SHARE !!! ( 

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