Zuckerberg speaks to an avatar of himself in the “Metaverse” during a live-streamed virtual and augmented reality conference to announce the rebrand of Facebook as Meta.

RT ———By RT Staff ————–Thurs., Nov.11, 2021

Reality will cease to exist as we know it, a prominent scientist said, warning that its augmented version will become such an integral part of peoples’ lives that they won’t be able to unplug themselves from their fake existence.

In an op-ed penned last week, Louis Rosenberg, a computer scientist and developer of the first functional augmented reality (AR) system at the US Air Force Research Laboratory, said he was “terrified” by the development of early technology. He claims that AR will “fundamentally” change our society, and not for the better.

Rosenberg says he is both convinced that augmented reality will become central to life, and it will be “magical,” but warned of negative consequences related to “legitimate uses” of the technology “by the powerful platform providers that will control the infrastructure.” He did not mention Facebook, or its operator Meta, by name.

The scientist noted that AR could be altered by third parties who can inject their own content, perhaps as a paid filter layer that only certain people can see.

Giving an example, the scientist noted that floating information bubbles could be added above the heads of fellow users to include descriptive words like “Alcoholic” or “Immigrant” or “Atheist” or “Racist.”

“The virtual overlays could easily be designed to amplify political division, ostracize certain groups, even drive hatred and mistrust,” he contended

Definition –Metaverse — a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

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