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By Matt Agorist —————Posted by RumorMill —————Wed., Oct.27/21

Washington, D.C. — Brian Jeffrey Raymond, (pic below) who has lived in D.C. and San Diego, while working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is now on the other side of the law after a naked woman was seen screaming for help from the balcony of his latest residence in Mexico City.

According to the FBI, Raymond, 45, pleaded guilty in July 2021 to two counts of sexual abuse, in which the victims were incapable of consent, and one count of transporting obscene material. Now, they are seeking more information after images of multiple victims were found on his devices.

The FBI began investigating Raymond in May of 2020 when a naked woman was seen screaming for help from his residence in Mexico City. According to authorities, the woman had no idea how she got to his home and claimed she had no memory after the pair ate dinner together.

When searching his devices, the FBI discovered hundreds of images and videos taken over the the course of 14 years from 2006 to 2020. This serial rapist had dozens of victims and all of them were unconscious during their rapes.

According to court filings, in some of the 500 images in videos, Raymond can be seen holding open the victims’ eyelids, waving their limp arms and legs around, or putting his fingers in their mouths to demonstrate that they are unconscious.

When investigators looked into Raymond’s online search history, they discovered he had looked for phrases including “passed out black girl,” “deep sleep,” “Ambien and alcohol and pass out,” “dissolve,” and “passed out and carried.”

The FBI reports that the women in the photos and videos experienced memory loss during their time with Raymond and had no knowledge of the photographs, videos, or any physical contact.

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