MORE INSANITY! SCHOOL BANS THE WORDS “GOOD AND BAD” ————By Paul Whitehead —————Wed., Oct.13/21

A school in Leicestershire, UK, has banned the terms “good” and “bad” to describe children’s behavior because the words were too “emotional” for the classroom.

Loughborough Amherst School has opted to describe good and bad behavior as either “skillful or unskillful.”Headmaster Dr. Julian Murphy said the policy was loaned from Buddhism and “designed to take the emotional heat out of language.”

Murphy told the i newspaper that although he didn’t want teachers to be “soft,” he did not want them to be “shouty” either-or “make pupils feel guilty.”

“I think it’s human psychology, even when you’re an adult – if people make you feel guilty, then you get angry, and then actually that’s when you’re likely to play the blame game and not to work that well. That’s when things get into a bit of a vicious circle,” he said.

“You’re not really angry with them, your action is actually much more one of concern because they’re behaving in an extremely unskillful way which is going to negatively affect their live [sic] chances and possibly those of people around them,” he explained.

But the headteacher emphasized he still maintained “quite a strict school.”

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