Featured Image ————-By Ashley Sadler ————–Fri.,Sept.24, 2021

After three weeks behind bars, “firebrand” anti-lockdown activist and traditional Catholic Monica Smit was granted bail under revised conditions Wednesday.

Smit has been one of Australia’s leading voices in pushing back against her government’s harsh authoritarian response to COVID-19, championing the cause of liberty against the draconian measures that have been imposed upon millions of Australians since March 2020.

Congratulations Monica Smit on your historic Vic Supreme Court win against Vic Police,” wrote United Australia Party MP Craig Kelley Wednesday in response to the news.

“It was outrageous for Vic Police to try to impose unreasonable & undemocratic bail conditions that kept Monica a political prisoner,” Kelley added, calling Smit’s release “A win for JUSTICE.

Smit had been taken into custody on charges of “incitement” August 31, after violence erupted between police officers and protestors at an anti-lockdown protest organized by Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA), the group founded by Smit to rally Australians to resist totalitarian COVID policies.

According to Rebel News, “[t]he court was unable to make a connection between Smit’s advocacy for ‘freedom’ and isolated acts of violence within the protest.”

Smit served 22 days in jail before being granted bail Wednesday.

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