noor was an afghan sniper who worked with the uk special forces ———-By Jay Greenberg ———-Wed., Sept 15/21

A British military-trained Afghan sniper, who worked with the UK Special Forces, has been hunted down and executed in front of his family by the Taliban, accoridng to reports.

Noor was traced to his sister’s home on the edge of the Afghan capital Kabul.Two Taliban gunmen reportedly shot him three times in the chest and again as he lay on the ground.He had been a member of a British-trained Afghan unit known as CF333 and had hoped to flee Afghanistan but was left behind during the chaotic withdrawal.

Several members of the CF333 unit had been rescued in the airlift from Kabul airport that followed the Taliban takeover.The brutal murder has prompted shock and anger from members of the British military.

the taliban has been going door to door and executing people
The Taliban has been going door-to-door and executing people

Former Colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper, OBE, a commander of specialist operations with the SAS, who served with Noor on the same operations and served eight tours in Afghanistan, said the 28-year-old man was the father of five and had been hiding in the capital city but was found and killed Monday.

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