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Bill Gates give oral polio vaccine to child

The following article is posted on several sites. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is bullcrap! (r. a. note) ——- By Real Raw News ———-Mon., Sept.13, 2021

A military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay has convicted Microsoft Founder Bill Gates on charges including child trafficking, pedophilia, conspiracy, money laundering, murder, and public health endangerment—the conclusion of five days of heated testimony that repeatedly saw Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps square off against attorney David Baluarte.

The fireworks continued Wednesday morning as Vice Adm. Hannink offered into evidence additional proof of Gates’ illicit ties to the vaccine industry.

Documents obtained from Gates’ personal server outlined how he in 2011 distributed vaccines “carrying serious side effects up to and including death” to 41,000 children in poverty-stricken India.

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After meeting “mild” resistance from vaccine distributors in the U.S. Gates claimed the vaccination granted absolute immunity against a strain of “super polio” that was ravaging the impoverished.

Rather than inoculate recipients against polio, the vaccine exacerbated it and left over 40,000 children crippled or dead.

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And while cases of polio indeed were on the rise, the mysterious “super polio” was pure fiction, invented by Gates and a consortium of international vaccine distributors. Gates even travelled to India to help administer the product, which was often given orally, as a sign of good faith.

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  1. Bonita Angel says:

    Its difficult to try and follow everything that is going on in the world. In the early 2005 I started seeing a lot whistle blowers and reporters even celebrities had began to step up and attempt to warn us. They were either suicided or death by accident, robbery. CLINTON’S have nearly 80 deaths related to events they were going through and eliminating those coming forward. OR the Main Stream Media Destroyed them with falsehoods. Making them look Crazy, drug addicted or attention seeking. But IF YOU TAKE THE TIME. Which will take months, years and then some. You will start seeing a pattern that all should fear. For so long we have accepted the stories we were told by the REPORTERS even though many didn’t make sense. LOTS of holes in the stories and puzzle pieces missing UNTIL 2021. The Military TRIBUNALS are real. The Military has that POWER. They have been collecting information on people for DECADES. AND ITS TRUE that the GATES are responsible for experimentation and MANY VACCINE Deaths in other COUNTRIES over the years. BUT GUESS WHAT (We don’t hear about it). Bill Gates is the reason so many people hesitate to take the current Vaccine and Biden pushing, threatening and bullying is not helping. Gates himself has stated many times he is PRO – depopulation efforts. AND HE HAS invested Millions in 6 pharmacuetical companies Specifically in the Vaccine development. By now all should have figured out if its called a Conspiracy Theory we are getting to close to the truth. IF THEY FACT CHECK IT – Read it – they are not disclaiming it but they find one word or sentence that might be questionable which allows them to tag it. AS FOR BIDEN. Almost every move he makes is clearly in favor of ANYONE but AMERICA. He is clearly working with the wrong side. He is filling this Country with MILLIONS of people from all over the World strategically placing them in areas for WAR on American Soil. Yet NOBODY QUESTIONS or Stops him. ALL OF THEM. I can only guess what there plans are. BUT THE PUZZLE is slowly coming together for those paying attention. As for BILL GATES he is high on the list of the most EVIL Men in the world. HIS SENTENCE IS TO BE HANGED on OCTOBER 5th 2021. His words. No matter what happens to me. Everything is in place and has been activated. We will witness larger death tolls daily in the days to come. Not just Virus, and vaccines, 5G rollout, chem trails, destruction of crops, starvation, Mind CONTROL, AIR, Water, FOOD. Placement of millions of recruits from other Countries in our Cities to control and eliminate us. AND NOT ONE STORY WILL YOU HEAR IN THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. You have to put it together yourself. By the time we do it will probably be to late. The one good thing is we are on the GOOD SIDE – Good against EVIL. Those who chose evil over greed and power wasn’t thinking. Satan is the biggest deceiver of all. Things may not turn out as they believed.


    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Bonita Angel – thank you for your bang on commentary — much appreciated. I can’t add anything to what you already stated other than to say I wholeheartedly agree with your observations. Take good care. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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