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A fierce attack on Biden and the Democratic government has been unleashed by the international media of allied countries, describing an America in free fall and a president incapable of leading.

The Biden affair has sparked a storm of reactions inside the United States as well, with the front hardly closed without its replacement.

In fact, a climate of “demand for its replacement” is being formed abroad .

The situation is bad in the US Pentagon with CENTCOM publishing the list of dead Marines. Spokesman T. Kirby is furiously trying to avoid questions from journalists about Afghanistan and the Taliban.

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Shock count in US arms depots – Biden collapses in front of cameras under the weight of Taliban responsibilities & equipment

“Serious blow to Biden presidency”
“With his eyes closed and his voice cracked, the US President reflected with his body language the terrible blow to his presidency”, comments a report of the French Agency.

For its part, the report of the French Agency states in its headline that the presidency of Biden suffered a severe blow to its core after the explosions in Kabul.

On the other hand, the British newspaper Daily Mail does not chew its words: “You have nowhere to hide, Joe – The President in a fetal position” is mentioned in an article.

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“The memorable scene unfolded at the end of Biden’s press conference on Thursday, with Fox News reporter Peter Duchess pushing him to leave Afghanistan disastrously, where 13 American soldiers and dozens of Afghans were killed in two attacks. of suicide “.

The 78-year-old US president sometimes seemed to have lost them and consulted his notes with his eyes rolled, writes the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

“His presidency will not recover”
The British newspaper Telegraph uploaded the photo in a prominent position along with a comment that said that Biden “has blood on his hands and his presidency will not recover”

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