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Washington Free ——- By Jack Beyrer ———Thurs., July 29, 2021

China is building a field of more than 100 nuclear missile silos out of range of most U.S. weapons, satellite images reveal.

The silos appeared in satellite images of Xinjiang province—where China holds more than one million Uighur Muslims in internment camps—first published by the Federation of American Scientists.

With the discovery this month of another silo field in Gansu province, China is known to be constructing almost 250 missile silos.

U.S. Strategic Command chief Admiral Charles Richard warned lawmakers in April that China is forging ahead at a rapid pace with its nuclear weapons buildup.

Some Democrats, however, have ignored military warnings and urged reductions in the American nuclear arsenal even as China grows in strength.

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As China amasses nuclear strength, Russia is also upgrading its own weapons systems. Moscow touted hypersonic nuclear weapons—capable of beating missile defense systems—at a July 25 parade.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said Russia’s missile capabilities allow the country to deal an “unavoidable strike” to any enemy if needed.

“The Congress and the Biden administration must work together to fund and field a modern deterrent able to meet the threats of today, and those threats are dynamic and are changing before our eyes.”

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