See the source image —————- By Dr. susan Berry ————–Wed., July 28, 2021

“I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant and I most sincerely apologize to all of you,” the doctor said, according to a medical student’s recording obtained by writer Katie Herzog.

The medical student explained to Herzog that, at her medical school “acknowledging biological sex can be considered transphobic.”

During a class on transgender health, an instructor reportedly said, “Biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender are all constructs. These are all constructs that we have created.”

See the source image

But, as Herzog observed, the idea that medical students are being taught biological sex is “a construct” matters when it comes to issues about health since “refusal to acknowledge sex can have devastating effects on patient outcomes.”

Most medical school instructors, the student continued, “are probably just scared of their students,” likely because of online forums in which students can chastise instructors for saying “breastfeed” instead of “chestfeed,” and petitions that “name and shame” instructors for “wrongspeak” and misuse of preferred pronouns.

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