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SputnikNews.com –————By Nikita Folomov ————Sun., July 25, 2021

Ex-Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter Piers Morgan revealed he was bedridden for a week battling COVID-19. In a Daily Mail article published on 24 July he says he was infected during the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy, which he attended with his family.

Morgan suffered raging fever, chills, and violent coughing fits several days after the final, despite being vaccinated with two jabs of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“Horrible night of high fever, cold sweats, ferocious coughing and sneezing and strange aches all over my body, none of which has been helped by the very hot weather that’s turned my bedroom into a Saharan furnace.”

For over a week he remained “flat-lined in bed,” while having “a persistent and very annoying cough.” Morgan also noted that he felt “pretty awful” with coronavirus, but his earlier double vaccine dose may have saved his life.

Morgan has been an ardent critic of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and has repeatedly demanded stricter regulations, often branding those who are reluctant to follow the rules as “Covidiots.” He’s also known for his harsh stance on those who oppose vaccinations.

Full article here: https://sputniknews.com/uk/202107251083458452–piers-morgan-reveals-he-was-flat-lined-in-bed-with-covid-for-week-despite-being-double-jabbed/

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