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NewsWars.com ————–By Dan Lyman —————Fri., July 23, 2021

Police in New York City are searching for at least four suspects who robbed and brutally beat an elderly woman using a walker on Tuesday night, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 8:15 p.m. as the 61-year-old victim made her way down a sidewalk in Upper Manhattan.

A dispute broke out between the woman and a group of people, police say.

The group, appearing to be comprised of three women and a male, then set upon the older woman in an savage assault caught on surveillance camera.

The victim is grabbed by the face and thrown into metal scaffolding by one suspect as another proceeds to bash her with a metal pot.

A third suspect begins to kick and stomp the woman as she is being beaten on the ground.

The male suspect enters the fray, kicking and stomping the victim as she is dragged around the sidewalk.

A fifth person can be seen standing nearby, calmly observing the depraved attack.

The suspects stole the woman’s walker, credit cards, and $22 in cash, authorities told local media.

She was taken to Harlem Hospital and treated for her injuries.

Source: https://www.newswars.com/shock-video-elderly-disabled-woman-robbed-beaten-with-pot-by-group-of-thugs/

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