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People of a certain age may remember when Britney Spears first hit the headlines. She was just sixteen years old when she recorded the song …Baby One More Time. In 1998, it was number one on both sides of the Atlantic. A stunningly attractive blonde, she was the girl next door, charismatic, clean living, and on her way to stardom, even if she did have a tendency to mime during her “live” shows.

It was 2004 when things first started to go wrong. She married Jason Alexander, whom she had known since she was a young girl; the marriage was annulled literally days later. Then she suffered a serious injury during a rehearsal, it being fair to say that her dancing is (generally) superior to her singing.

Then she had a whirlwind romance with dancer Kevin Federline, marrying him the same year and bearing him two sons. They divorced in 2007, and unusually, he was granted custody of the boys, after initially agreeing to shared custody.

The reason was not difficult to seek; a series of incidents, some trivial some not so, led to her becoming a psychiatric patient. On one occasion she shaved her head, something men do all the time, but for a woman with long, blonde hair…

Her very public breakdown was followed intensely by the media, attracting not simply humour and mockery but at times blatant cruelty. This led to one Spears fan making a short YouTube video entitled Leave Britney Alone, which in thirteen years has racked up millions of views.

Britney Spears goes in to depth on her fathers actions at a recent court hearing to end conservatorship. Here’s the vid.

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