Catalonia bar worker arrested after CUTTING OFF boss’s penis, claims she was defending herself from repeated rape —————By Staff —————Tues., June 01, 2021

Catalonian police have arrested a woman after she cut off the penis of a man who owns the bar she worked at. The man is in hospital and is facing an investigation into repeated sexual assaults against the woman.

The mutilation took place in Sant Andreu de la Barca, a municipality located some 10km northwest from Catalonia’s capital Barcelona. The unnamed woman showed up at a local police precinct at around midnight on Monday, saying her boss tried to rape her. She told officers she took a knife to fend off the attack and cut off the man’s penis, local press reported.

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The police took the woman, who works as a bar waitress, into custody, pending an investigation into her accusations against the man. She alleged she had suffered a number of sexual assaults from the bar owner, who she said repeatedly “forced her to have non-consensual sexual relations.”

The Monday night scuffle that ended with blood was reportedly the first time she found the strength to say no and defend herself.

The mutilated man was taken to the nearby Bellvitge Hospital, where the authorities intend to arrest and question him after he recovers from surgery. It was not immediately clear if doctors managed to successfully reattach his amputated male appendage.

The woman was reportedly of Bangladeshi origin and some media suggested that so was the man. The names of the parties involved were not disclosed to the public.


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