Gaza Bldg bombed 222

Middle East ————Wed., May 12, 2021

Israeli occupation warplanes targeted residential buildings in Gaza last night, leaving Palestinians homeless.

A 13-storey residential tower in western Gaza City collapsed after Israeli airstrikes targeted the building. There were no reports of casualties among the residents, who reportedly vacated the Hanadi tower before it was hit.

The building was home to government offices as well as residential units. Smoke could be seen billowing from it before it collapsed. Electricity in the area then went out leaving residents using torches to locate their belongings.

Gaza Bldg bombed

Following the strike, another hit the Al-Jawhara Tower in Gaza City. The building, which is of mixed residential and commercial use, is home to a number of media agencies including Felesteen newspaper, the local APA agency, Iraq’s Aletejah TV, Jordan’s Al-Mamlaka TV, and Syria TV among others. The building also contains 50 apartments.

Missiles targeted the building’s foundations, shaking it and leaving locals fearful that it could collapse at any moment.

Israel rejects Egypt’s ceasefire proposal for conflict with Gaza.


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