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Citizen Free ———- by Kane ————–Thurs., April 15, 2021

Police release body-cam video of deadly shooting inside St. Ann’s Hospital ER.

Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler said 27-year-old Miles Jackson was found passed out in a vehicle, and after running his identity, police discovered he had open warrants with Columbus Police for domestic violence and a previous gun charge.

Police said “an altercation ensued” in the ER area during the transfer of custody leading to a shooting between Officer Andrew Howe, Officer Ryan Krichbaum, four hospital security officers, and Jackson.

Jackson was killed in the shooting.

At about 12:10 p.m. Monday, Jackson was in custody. He was found sleeping on a bench outside of a bank and was taken to the hospital after a suspected relapse related to a drug overdose.

Police said Jackson had an open domestic violence warrant with additional warrants for assault, falsification, resisting arrest, drug possession, and weapons under disability.

Krichbaum and Howe were sent to St. Ann’s to take Jackson into custody.

In the body-cam video, the officers were preparing Jackson to be taken to the Franklin County Jail. During the search, Krichbaum appeared to find something and signaled to Howe and said “get his arms behind his back right now.”

A struggle then took place between the officers and Jackson. During the struggle, Jackson can be heard saying “I’m giving it to you man.” Police said the video shows Krichbaum tasing Jackson, taking him to the ground, where he continued to resist.

A short time later, police said the video shows Jackson’s gun fire. Police said the bullet visibly left Jackson’s pocket and Krichbaum is seen struggling to disarm him.

Howe is seen in the video firing his gun, but it malfunctioned.

Police said over the next five minutes, officers and hospital security can be heard more than 85 times ordering Jackson to drop the gun and put his hands up.

In the video, Jackson twice referred to the gun still being in his possession.

Six minutes into the video, a taser was deployed followed by one gunshot, then a series of gunshots.


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