Nuns in Germany

Life Site News.com —————By Pete Baklinski ————Fri., April 09, 2021

NIJLEN, Belgian, April 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A 46-year-old Catholic man in Belgium who identifies as female is pushing to gain entrance to a convent as a nun where he hopes to live the remainder of his life as a religious sister.

“Eefje” Spreuters told Radio 2 Antwerp, as reported by VRT.be, that “everywhere I register, the sisters are enthusiastic. But it is not allowed by the rules,” he says, for a man who believes himself to be female to enter the convent.

Despite this, the man, who has been dressing as a woman for over a year, has already begun identifying himself as a religious sister.

“I call myself Sister Eefje,” said Spreuters.

Nuns in church

I have always felt like a woman and I was raised very religiously, especially by my mother. All my life I want to go to the monastery. As a man I have had a tough life, now I want peace,” he added.

Spreuters said that if Pope Francis will not grant his request, he is prepared to start an order for men who identify as women and want to identify as religious sisters.

“I asked the nuns of the Order of the Poor Clares. Last week I had contact with the nuns in Brecht, the Trappistines. They could not answer me [about joining] because they did not know whether I could enter as a trans woman.

I said I would start a monastic order myself, to which the nuns responded with interest and enthusiasm. If necessary, I will go to the Pope in the Vatican. My calling is stronger than ever.”

Full article here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/man-claiming-to-be-female-wants-to-become-nun-i-will-not-give-up-even-if-i-have-to-go-to-the-vatican

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