Chemical castration neddle

Information ——– By Chris Menahan ———-Wed., April 07, 2021

The limited government “principles” of Ronald Reagan and William Buckley demand that Republicans not act to prevent children from undergoing chemical castration and genital mutilation, so said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“Why do you think it’s important for conservatives to make certain that children can block their puberty — be chemically castrated — why is that a conservative value?”

Tucker Carlson asked Hutchinson after he vetoed a bill to ban child sex changes and the drugging of children with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

I go back to William Buckley, I go back to Ronald Reagan, to principles of our party, which believes in a limited role of government,” Hutchinson said. “Are we as a party abandoning a limited role of government and saying we’re going to invoke the government’s decision-making over and above physicians, over and above health care, over and above parents and say, you can’t do that, you cannot engage in that?”

Imagine thinking Ronald Reagan would have defended chemical castration of children and child sex changes!

Hutchinson’s veto was overridden by the GOP-controlled house and senate on Tuesday evening and Arkansas earned the distinction of being the first state in America to ban this liberal lunacy.


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Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I'm an older student of the bible and I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I was baptized in a Torah-keeping assembly. I'm one who tries his best to follow Yayshua, the Messiah (Christ) by keeping the commandments, the dietary laws, the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths (Holy Days) instituted and ordained by the great I AM, the Creator-God of Israel. I reject the holidays and festivals invented by the Roman church. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction" - the last days. There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.
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