Baby five penises———— By James Anthony ————– Fri., April 02, 2021

A boy was born in Duhok, in the Kurdish area of Iraq, with three penises instead of one.

In addition to the penis in the normal place, he had two smaller ones, one next to the primary penis, and another one tucked in under his scrotum.

According to the NY Post, who referred to the birth as a “medical miracle,” the two extra members wound up being surgically removed, due to the fact that they weren’t fully functional; they lacked urethras. For this reason, the decision was made to perform the surgery to avoid potential future complications.

Surprisingly, babies born with two penises is a phenomenon that has been referenced in medical literature over the past couple of centuries. Experts estimate that out of every fix to six million live male births, one baby is born with an extra penis.

Iraq map 222

The triple-threat is a different story, however, with this particular case being the only confirmed case on record (there was another supposed incident in India in 2015, but it wasn’t properly verified or documented.)

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” wrote Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali, the attending physician, in a medical journal.

The baby was brought in for a follow-up a year after the surgery and remains in perfect health, with no further issues reported.


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