The following are excerpts from the article by George Eaton titled: “All 3 Branches of Government Are Taken Over – The Next Move Is to Take The Guns” (r. a. note)

Rumor Mill News. com ————- By George Eaton ————-Fri., Mar.12, 2021

Recently I have been shocked by articles about the Marxist judges in America that are making corrupt rulings. The general public seldom sees the corruption by leftist judges, but in this latest election we had a front row seat in seeing the judges do the very opposite that was required of them.

Like I’ve said before, we have lost all three branches of government. Nothing the ruling elite do now will surprise me.

All the signs are there – that we have lost our country. I am convinced now that the White House was infiltrated by deep state swamp critters, and the things Trump was trying to stand for was being rejected by his handlers at every turn. This was exposed and documented by attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.

Some have asked just how many in Congress are corrupted by bribery and have sold out our nation. There is an easy way to find out: Just look at the vote Jan 6th by the house and the senate regarding the voter fraud issue. Those that voted against investigating the vote rigging are traitors to the Constitution, it is simple as that. And the same is true for the Supreme court.

In the senate the vote was 97 to zero, I guess three of them either had not been sworn in yet or were not available for the vote.

In the House the vote for investigating the vote fraud was 130, and the remainder were either against it, abstained or were absent. So around 300 US representatives are traitors.

NThe sad truth is, the only thing I see in our future are states starting to secede to avoid losing our Constitutional rights. And, once that process begins, it is anyone’s guess how the socialists in power will respond.

Also, when you look at the secret agencies, the FBI, and the military brass, it is well known that many were siding with the deep state on this.

Right now, laws are being drawn up in Congress to create new gun laws that the majority of the states and the public will simply not obey. This means a conflict is being set up between Constitutional laws and the communist laws of disarming the people, and this Biden Whitehouse is hell bent in enforcing those laws by force.

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