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Washington———- By Kaelan Deese ————-Wed. Feb.10, 2021

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued three survivors from a deserted island Tuesday after they had lived on coconuts, rats, and conch for 33 days, the maritime security branch said.

Two men and one woman were spotted waving makeshift flags Monday after a routine air patrol flew around the waters of Anguilla Cay, Bahamas, near a chain of islands between the Lower Keys and Cuba, according to a readout.

Aircraft Commander Mike Allert said they discovered the survivors after they saw them waving “flags that they actually had in addition to a large cross that they put out there for themselves.”

Allert’s team dropped off food, water, and a radio to the survivors Monday before rescuing them 24 hours later, citing inclement weather.

The survivors were transported by helicopter the following day and taken to Lower Keys Medical Center. None of them sustained any serious injuries.

Allert told ABC News the group appeared dehydrated, fatigued, and “in dire straits due to a lack of fresh water on the island.”

The group of survivors told the Coast Guard they were from Cuba and became stranded after their boat capsized due to rough waters nearly five weeks prior. The group swam to the deserted island and reportedly survived off the land.

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