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A serial killer believed to be America’s worst after murdering an estimated 93 women has died peacefully in hospital at the age of 80. Samuel Little died at a hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday, after suffering health issues including diabetes and a heart condition.

The exact cause of his death has not been determined, with an autopsy set to be performed this week. Little was jailed in 2014 for strangling three women, and confessed to killing 90 others in 2018. FBI investigators branded that number ‘credible.’

He targeted prostitutes, drug addicts and other vulnerable women on the assumption that police would work less hard to solve teir murders.

Speaking in 2019, Little said: ‘They was broke and homeless and they walked right into my spider web. I don’t think there was another person that did what I liked to do. I think I’m the only one in the world. That’s not an honor. That’s a curse.’

Little, a career criminal with previous convictions for crimes including armed robbery, shoplifting and rape was arrested on drugs charges at a Kentucky homeless shelter in 2012.

His DNA matched samples taken from three unsolved murders between 1987 and 1989, with Little subsequently convicted of beating and strangling those women, before dumping their bodies in an alleyway.

He was convicted in 2014. The full scale of Little’s killings was uncovered in May 2018, when FBI crime analysts traveled to question him about an unsolved murder in Odessa, Texas, they believed he was linked to.

The serial killer ended up confessing to that crime, and numerous others, listing states he’d visited – including Mississippi, Ohio, Arizona, and Nevada, and the number of people he had killed in each.

Little drew haunting pictures of his victims, complete with where he’d met them, and the year the murders had taken place.

Investigators were able to use those drawings to confirm numerous victims’ identities.

FBI agents have confirmed 50 of Little’s confessions, and expect to identify (stand-up) multiple others.


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