Pic above: Former Blackwater Worldwide security guard Nick Slatten (Centre) and attorneys

Middle East ———–By Tasnim Nazeer————— Fri., Dec.25, 2020

President Trump’s shocking pardoning of the Blackwater guards is a testament to his lack of humanity and his failure to bring perpetrators of the law to account.

On 16 September, 2007, four guards from the private US military firm Blackwater fired at unarmed civilians in Baghdad, killing 14 civilians and sparking anger over the use of so-called “private security” in war zones.

The four guards indiscriminately launched an attack using machine guns, grenade launchers and a sniper on civilians in Nisour Square in the Iraqi capital.

Amongst the victims was nine-year-old Ali Kinani who was brutally shot in the head by one of the guards. His father Mohammed Kinani was driving with his sister and children at the time.

He witnessed the harrowing scenes of the Blackwater men firing bullets and screamed for his children in the back seat to stay low. It was a miracle that he, his sister and one child survived.

When Mohammed went to see what happened to his son, he saw that Ali had been fatally shot through the head. I cannot even imagine what Mohammed must have felt witnessing such a traumatic and horrific ordeal. Yet, heartbreakingly, there has been no justice nor accountability for these heinous crimes – and this is entirely unacceptable.

Ali was a nine-year-old-boy who should still be alive today, but his life was ripped away by these perpetrators. The Kinani family and all the victims of this massacre have the right to justice and the right to call for the prosecution of those who carried out this evil massacre.

The very least that Trump could have done was to bring justice and accountability to his surviving family members, but even that right has been taken away from them. Following the news of the shameful pardoning, Mohammed said that Trump “broke my life again.”

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