“Trying To GET THE HELL OUT” – London Mass Exodus (Tweet Vids)

Zero Hedge ————By Tyler Durden ————–Sun., Dec.20, 2020

With more than 16 million Britons now required to stay at home as coronavirus lockdown went into effect on Sunday, tens of thousands of Londoners scrambled to get out of the capital Saturday night.

Boris Johnson’s bombshell announcement to introduce Tier 4 restrictions in London and southeast England, to mitigate the spreading of a new strain of the coronavirus, sparked traffic jams and crowded train terminals as people made a mad dash out of the metro area before draconian new rules were imposed at midnight.

“Traffic data showed jams increasing inside London and its surrounds, and train prices were surging with increased demand,” The Independent said.

Additionally, people fled on public transportation. For instance, by evening, train tickets sold out at several London stations, including Paddington, Kings Cross, and Euston.

Footage taken at London’s St Pancras station showed no social distancing was followed as people were only concerned about escaping the city by midnight.

A woman told the Press Association that she and her husband, along with their young son, made the “split decision” to leave the metro area for the coast to escape the new lockdown.

Source: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/12/trying-to-get-the-hell-out-emergency-lockdown-in-london-triggers-mass-exodus.html

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