BEWITCHING THE PEEPS! Canada And USA Will Send Cdn Astro-Not Around Moon

If you believe this I have some soap bubbles containing sand castles I’d like to sell you. (r. a. note)

The Canadian Press ——————————————-Wed., Dec.16., 2020

OTTAWA — The federal government says it has signed an agreement with the United States to send a Canadian astronaut around the moon.

The planned trip in 2023 is part of a broader U.S.-led effort to establish a new international space station above the lunar surface to allow for exploration of the moon and future missions to Mars.

The Gateway Treaty unveiled today also calls for a second flight for a Canadian astronaut to that future space station, known as the Lunar Gateway.

The government says the agreement will make Canada the second country to send an astronaut into deep space, though the trip will not include an actual landing on the moon.

The federal government has not said how much the flight will cost.

Earlier this month Canada committed $22.8 million to the first phase of developing a new robotic Canadarm that will be used on the moon station.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. 16, 2020.


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