Irish Doctor: Covid Vax, I Would Not Take It For A Million Dollars

Life Site ———–By Lianne Laurence ——————– Sun., Dec.13, 2020

An Irish biomedical doctor and expert in immunology has joined other voices warning of the adverse effects of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“If someone gave me a million or two million or ten million dollars, I would not take that vaccine,” Dr. Dolores Cahill declared at a fall summit on the coronavirus crisis.

Head of the World Doctors Alliance and vice president of the newly formed World Freedom Alliance, Cahill also said the state has no right to coerce citizens to be take a COVID-19 vaccine.

“People of the world have natural rights to natural law, and freedom to think, of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to practice religion, but most importantly, bodily integrity,” Cahill said at the Truth Over Fear Summit organized by Catholic broadcaster Patrick Coffin. “So it is entirely unlawful for anyone to do that.”

American lawyer Alan Dershowitz “says the police have the power to take your shirt sleeves up and jab you,” and that “forced vaccines are coming,” Coffin pointed out to Cahill in a virtual Q&A.

“That’s a misinterpretation of the law,” rejoined Cahill, who was asked in June to resign from the European Union’s Scientific Committee of the Innovative Medicines Initiative over her views on the coronavirus crisis.

“So, we have inalienable natural rights of bodily integrity, and just because lawyers might say something doesn’t make it true.”

The World Freedom Alliance, which announced its formation in early November and which represents some 35 countries, has “a lot of police supporting us now,” she added.

In the United Kingdom, the “government can now have people come into your home and take away your children forcibly,” and in the state of Victoria, Australia, the law allows state agents to “come and forcibly vaccinate you,” Cahill said.

She is working with a number of veterans in the United Kingdom. “And we are encouraging the military and retired police to contact us,” she added.

“We are working with former military and police to form local neighborhood defenses of the home, that you could have, you know, 12 or 20 families that you could text in an emergency where the police are unlawfully invading your home,” Cahill said.

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