UK PM Boris Johnson: Vaccinations Won’t Be Mandatory.

By Zero Hedge ————————————-Wed., Dec.02, 2020

Following a series of rallies in London where thousands rallied against mandatory vaccination policies, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated Pfizer and British regulators for becoming the first in the West to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, but cautioned that taking the vaccine won’t be mandatory.

Speaking to Parliament Wednesday morning, Johnson said “I strongly urge people to take up the vaccine but it is no part of our culture or ambition in this country to make vaccines mandatory; that is not how we do things.”

He also warned that “it is very, very important” that Britons “do not get their hopes up too soon about the speed at which we will be able to roll out this vaccine.”

The Pfizer jab “won’t deliver a knockout blow” to the virus, and BoJo warned that all Britons must continue to follow social distancing rules.

Last week, BoJo said that he believes that anti-vaxers are wrong, during a Downing Street news conference yesterday, Boris Johnson said that while vaccination would not be compulsory, he urged “vulnerable people who need a vaccine should definitely get a vaccine…everybody should get a vaccine.”

With the Moderna and AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccines coming down the pipe, the UK hopes to vaccinate “the vast majority” of the most vulnerable – patients, and health-care workers – by Easter.


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