Anti-Vaxxers Now Labelled As Anti-Semitic

If you now refuse a vaccination, you will be targeted as anti-Semitic.(r. a. note) ————-Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA —————-Fri., Nov. 20, 2020

Online forums frequented by those opposed to vaccinations are hotbeds of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, according to a new report from the British government.

The 20-page report, titled “From anti-vaxxers to antisemitism: Conspiracy theory in the COVID-19 pandemic,” was published earlier this month by John Mann, Britain’s independent adviser on anti-Semitism.

“The accusations that the pandemic is fake and that Jewish conspirators created the virus are the most dominant in anti-vaxxer communities,” says the report, which is based on two months of monitoring more than 25 Facebook groups as well as Twitter accounts and other social networks.

“Whilst the groups themselves are rarely established to spread antisemitism, they become a hotbed for antisemitic conspiracy theories,” the report said.

While the majority of anti-vaxxers are not openly anti-Semitic, the report said, “their propensity to conspiracy theory reduces their resilience to antisemitic beliefs and attitudes.”

The problem, the report said, has been growing since the start of the pandemic.


About ron abbass

Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I'm an older student of the bible and I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I was baptized in a Torah-keeping assembly. I'm one who tries his best to follow Yayshua, the Messiah (Christ) by keeping the commandments, the dietary laws, the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths (Holy Days) instituted and ordained by the great I AM, the Creator-God of Israel. I reject the holidays and festivals invented by the Roman church. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction" - the last days. There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.
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