Lying MSM — “I Did NOT Recant My Statements” Says USPS Whistleblower (Vid)

DC Dirty ————–By Mac Slavo ————————Fri., Nov.13, 2020

“Something Screwy Is Going On!”

In a video posted Tuesday evening, Richard Hopkins, a United States Postal Service worker in Pennsylvania who said voter fraud was rampant denied taking back his statements when speaking to authorities. “I’m here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen,” said Richard Hopkins, standing against the mainstream media’s allegations.

The plan to say Hopkins recanted is backfiring, but it was probably one last-ditch effort by Democrats to maintain control of public perception about the outcome of the election, which should not have been called according to Real Clear Politics.

According to The New York Post, congressional Democrats and a major US newspaper claimed had recanted his allegations of mail-in-ballot tampering is denying that he walked back his words.

Hopkins is standing against the lying and propagating mainstream media.

Hopkins’ allegations — first reported by conservative activist group Project Veritas — were included in a federal lawsuit filed Monday by Trump’s campaign.


Here’s the vid. The first minute is an advertisement.

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