Breaking: Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein Linked To Software Behind Voting Machine “Glitches”

Right —————————– Tues., Nov.10, 2020

(Right Country) – Although Fox News has received a wash of criticism from viewers for what appears to be very biased and unfair coverage of the 2020 election (along with some very irresponsible calls on election night), many of its pundits and hosts are still committed to getting to the bottom of a story.

Maria Bartiromo is one such hosts, who has always been committed to getting the truth to the people, rather that put her own spin on it.

On a very explosive Sunday morning, Maria hosted former federal prosecutor and Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell on her program who shed some light on the chaos and confusion that is the 2020 election.

During their discussion, Bartiromo dropped a few bombs of her own, as The Gateway Pundit reports.

She revealed that the firm behind an application that switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden votes has connections to some of Washington D.C.’s top Democrats.

No kidding.

“I’ve also seen reports that Nancy Pelosi’s longtime Chief of Staff is a key executive of that company. Richard Bloom, Senator Feinstein’s husband is a significant shareholder of this company,” she declared.

Hold the phone!

This is huge!

TGP (The Gateway Pundit) explains that Bartiromo is correct.

In April of 2019, Bloomberg reported: “Dominion Voting Systems — which commands more than a third of the voting-machine market without having Washington lobbyists — has hired its first, a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

And it is true that Senator Feinstein’s husband has a major stake in Dominion.
And guess what? The firm also has ties to the CLINTON FOUNDATION:

Continues here:

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