Guns And Ammo Being Removed From All Walmart Stores (2 tweet Vids)

Clash —————–by K. Walker ———————-Fri., Oct. 30, 2020

America’s largest retailer is removing firearms and ammo due to concerns of violent backlash to election results.

In a statement to the Associated Press on Thursday, Walmart said, “We have seen some isolated civil unrest and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers.”

We’ve seen the looting of a Walmart in Philadelphia recently in the wake of a police-involved shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a black man. Wallace was holding a knife, did not obey officers who told him to drop it, and was approaching police when he was shot.

Stores in Washington, D.C., Beverley Hills, Boston, St. Louis, San Fransisco, and Chicago, have boarded up their windows in preparation for rioting following the results of the election. Some cities have planned to block off access to streets with high-end shops, or are ready to do so if things go south quickly.

While the Media (D) complains about “rightwing violence” and that conservatives are fanning the flames of a second civil war, it’s the left that has been rioting in the streets. It’s the left that is planning a “mass mobilization” to “protect democracy” if President Trump wins Minnesota.

But you won’t see that on the Media (D).

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