Video: Trump Runs ‘Zombie Biden’ Ad During Fear The Walking Dead Broadcast ——————–By Steve Watson ————————Mon., Oct.26, 2020

Viewers of Fear The Walking Dead On AMC were treated to a Trump campaign ad Sunday notifying them of how to prevent ‘a zombie’ entering the White House.

The ad featured several clips of Biden acting weirdly, with a voice over notifying viewers of the traits exhibited by the walking dead.

“Look for someone with a corpse like appearance, exhibits aggressive behaviour, craves human flesh, and utters incoherent moans and groans,” the voice over noted while footage of Biden doing all the above played in the background.

“With your help we can prevent the zombie uprising,” the short ad concluded.


Given that Biden’s endless stumbling around and brain failure, including the fact that he can’t remember who he is running against, it was a shrewd move on behalf of the Trump War Room.

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