Bullsh#t Or True: You Decide! Biden Has Stroke And Has Died


Updates as of 8 PM CST Oct 25 –

Biden halted his campaign today (Sunday) (not rumor) and rumor has it he had a stroke that was followed by a larger stroke and death. I did not say that, call it BUNK but that’s the rumor going around right now. It is somewhat safe to say he at least had a minor stroke. If Biden is indeed dead, he’ll be kept alive until after the election.

If he is alive, he actually did suspend his campaign.

At approximately the exact same time Biden’s campaign got suspended, all the Biden drops stopped. So there are also rumors that a deal was made, but I would not bet on it, I am betting on two things – the first being they got locked out of their servers and the second being they are in custody under arrest and/or dead.

There is absolutely no proof of anything right now, no proof of a stroke, no proof of server lockouts, no proof of arrests, but one thing is definite: Something is very fishy.

If they were shut down, it is because they released proof that the credit card with cocaine lines next to it really was Malia’s (Malia Obama) and that the stories told about a year ago with regard to it being stolen were completely false.

According to what I found on this, evidently Malia had a bedroom romp with Hunter and there is quite damning evidence that this is actually true, and that the cocaine line photos happened when she was with Hunter.

All of this got blasted to oblivion at the exact same time the drops stopped. I have seen (a few, but not enough) photos of this to get an idea it is true but not enough to solidly confirm it.

Yes, it is very likely Malia naked in the photos and Hunter was there but everything is photographed behind and the only reference to prove it is Malia is a birth mark on grainy photos. It’s just not good enough to conclusively say yes.

So now we have: Biden may have had a stroke, may be dead, and DEFINITELY suspended his campaign. Plus a good probability there’s now compromising stuff on Obama, and definitely compromising stuff on Nancy Pelosi, (which also could have caused everything to get shut down)

Continues here: >>Source: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=156650

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