Mr. President Here’s Four Ways To Make The Debate About Hunter Biden

The Gateway ———By Wayne Allyn Root ———— Wed., Oct.21, 2020

In 24 hours we have a Presidential debate. It’s the largest media platform in the world. Tens of millions will be watching. The problem is we all know two things:

The biased moderator will be in Biden’s corner and try to help feeble, fragile Basement Joe at every turn, and shut down any attacks by President Trump at every turn.

The biased Presidential Debate Commission will try to steer the storyline away from the massive Hunter Biden laptop scandal by silencing President Trump’s mic whenever possible.

So, how can Trump counter this?

First, no matter the question, always use your answer to bring it back to Joe Biden’s foreign corruption; his son Hunter’s laptop; Hunter’s emails implicating his father Joe in crimes against the United States; the blatant sale of the Vice President’s office; partnerships with members of the Chinese Communist Party; and the shocking sex videos and images, involving what appears to be underage girls.

Bring up Joe Biden as the biggest blackmail target and national security risk in the history of America.

Don’t worry about the question. Always make sure all roads lead back to Hunter’s laptop and this scandal of the century.

Second, treat this debate like “Show and Tell.” Seeing is believing. Bring to the debate copies of the actual Hunter Biden emails. Each time you refer to the scandal, pull out an email.

Bring Hunter’s emails referring to “the Big Guy” getting a piece of deals with the Chinese Communist Party; Hunter saying he’s been giving his father 50% of his income for decades;

Hunter getting paid $10 million a year for “introductions;” the Chinese holding company formed as a partnership with a leading Chinese Communist; and emails from Burisma officials thanking Hunter for a meeting with his father and then demanding Hunter put a stop to criminal investigations.

Hold the emails up. Show them to the American people. Seeing is believing.

Third, bring index cards in your suit pocket, Mr. President. Take them out whenever they mute your microphone. These cards should be held up to the camera, so the American people can see.

These cards should say:

“Biden is a Criminal” “Biden Crime Family” “Corruption, Extortion, Influence Peddling” “Biden is Partner with Chinese Communist Party” “Biden Let China Steal Your Jobs” “Biden Blackmailed by Chinese Communist Party” “How Much Did China Pay Joe?” “Hunter’s Sex Crimes”

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