Trump Attends Las Vegas Church: Pastor Prophesies Second Win

The Christian ———— By Anugrah Kumar ——————- Mon., Oct.19, 2020

President Donald Trump attended the Sunday morning service at International Church of Las Vegas, where Senior Associate Pastor Denise Goulet prophesied a second presidential win for him.

“At 4:30, the Lord said to me, ‘I am going to give your president a second win,'” Goulet told Trump, who joined hundreds of congregants for the morning worship. “The Lord said, ‘he is ready for the next four years.'”

This was Trump’s third time visiting the nondenominational church, which welcomed him enthusiastically.

“This is your third time here. That means you’re a church member,” Senior Leader Paul Goulet told Trump. “I don’t care what anybody says. I love my president.”

He lauded Trump for protecting the unborn, protecting churches’ religious freedom, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and bringing jobs back to America, among other things.

“People are saying ‘you’re being political.’ I’m not, the Bible says ‘give honor to whom honor is due.’ I’m honoring the president right now because he’s done the right thing,” Goulet said.

The lead pastor also called Trump “the answer to my prayers” when it comes to the values of the nation. “God is great and He chose the right man,” Goulet said.

“Others may curse him, but we bless him.”

The congregation stretched out their hands to pray for and bless Trump.

Goulet said he will fast for Trump and his family once a week until the election. “Heaven has sent an army of angels to protect you … It may be a mess right now but God chose a fighter to straighten things out.”

Trump spoke at the end of the service and noted that he loves going to churches.

“I will be back many times,” Trump said. “I know you’ve had a rough time in terms of the city — has been a tough place — but the job you’ve done to get people back is really very special.”

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