Kamala Harris An ‘Insufferable Lying Bi**h’– Fox News Contributor

RT News.com Thurs., Oct.08, 2020

Republican consultant and Fox News contributor Harlan Hill (pic above) bashed a social media hornets’ nest with a bat with a tweet branding Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris an “insufferable lying b*tch” during her debate with Mike Pence.

“Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying bitch. Sorry, it’s just true,” Hill tweeted during the Wednesday night debate between Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. “I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be less likable than Hillary Clinton,” he added in a separate tweet.

The backlash to the name-calling was instant and severe. While left-leaning woke warriors are often patrolling Twitter, Harris has a notoriously defensive online following that goes by the name ‘K-Hive.’


Hill was slammed as a “sexist,”“misogynistic loser” and “vile racist” for his unbecoming debate commentary.

“Harlan Hill comes off as such a misogynistic racist… Sorry, it’s just true,”tweeted comic book editor Heather Antos, mimicking the wording of Hill’s initial post.

Many said Hill should be instantly canceled, with some calling on Fox News to take him off the network as a contributor. Some put another spin on the whole thing, however, suggesting that Hill’s words might have the inadvertent effect of helping Joe Biden and Harris in the polls.

Hill apparently saw the immense backlash to his tweet, but wasn’t at all fazed by it. “Kamala Harris still sucks and comes off as a b*tch,” he wrote on Thursday morning, adding fuel to the fire.

Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/502953-harlan-hill-kamala-harris-debate/

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