Flashback: Chris Wallace Mocked Trump In 1988 Interview (Vid)

Summit.News            By Paul Joseph Watson                   Thurs., Oct. 01, 2020

For those wondering whether Chris Wallace’s disastrous moderator performance during Tuesday night’s debate had anything to do with his personal beef with President Trump, a 1988 interview provides some context.

As we previously highlighted, Wallace constantly interrupted the president while interjecting while Biden was speaking 5 times less frequently.

His failure to control both candidates led to the Commission on Presidential Debates announcing that it was considering changing the format of the remaining debates, while calls for podcaster Joe Rogan to host the next debate intensified.

Now a resurfaced 1988 interview Wallace conducted with Trump is making some people question whether Wallace has had a problem with Trump for decades.

During the interview, which took place during that year’s RNC, Wallace is antagonistic and belligerent, parroting accusations that Trump is a “conspicuous example” of “greed and consumption,” suggesting he should be apologetic over his “hundred room mansion in Palm Beach, or the thirty million dollar yacht.”

Trump responded by pointing out he had employed 30,000 people who wouldn’t otherwise have jobs, remarking, “I can’t make any excuses, I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to do.”

Wallace then asked Trump if he could handle satirical cartoons which attacked him for his wealth, prompting the then real estate mogul to defend himself again.

As the interview concluded, Trump curtly told Wallace, “You have a good time,” clearly nonplussed (calm and composed) by his (Wallace’s) line of questioning.

Source: https://summit.news/2020/10/01/flashback-chris-wallace-mocked-trump-in-1988-interview/


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