Trump Calls For Pre-Debate Drug Test For Joe Biden

Source: Zero Hedge                  Sun., Sept.27, 2020

President Trump has again pointed attention to Joe Biden’s apparent slowness from ageing, or even the possibility of dementia, ahead of Tuesday night’s debate, calling on Biden to agree to take a ‘test’.

In a Sunday morning tweet Trump specifically demanded “a Drug Test of Sleepy Joe Biden prior to, or after, the Debate on Tuesday night” which the president said he would undergo as well. In the past the demands have been focused on mental fitness tests, however.

Trump suggested that given prior instances of the seeming inability of Biden to speak well and coherently in fielding random media questions (especially when there’s no teleprompter), those instances where he speaks articulately must be due to drugs.

Meanwhile The New York Times on Sunday acknowledged that recent Trump campaign claims of Biden lacking proper mental acuity to lead the nation will be to some degree affirmed or ultimately disproven Tuesday night:

Yet he has simultaneously set the bar so low for so long that many of his supporters — having watched unflattering, often manipulated clips of Mr. Biden in Trump campaign advertisements or on Fox News — are now expecting the president to mop the floor with an incoherent opponent in something resembling a W.W.E. match.

Democrats — and even some Republicans — believe that is not likely to happen.

The Trump campaign has been seizing on Biden’s series of gaffes and momentary melt-downs in simple presentations of his points, which sometimes appear due to confusion or not really knowing what he’s saying (or reading off a screen):

Broadly, it’s unfortunate that this is where we now are in American politics — essentially having to weigh whether a candidate is mentally present enough to participate in a debate and take the highest office in the land, with the other throwing out accusations of drug use.

Full article here:

Vid — Joe Biden: Clap For That You Stupid Bastards


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