Target Stores Boarded Up! Preparing For Riots And Looting (1min vid)

Info         By Paul Joseph Watson               Wed., Sept.23, 2020

Target stores as far as 20 minutes drive away from downtown Louisville have been boarded up in preparation for potential riots and looting in response to the grand jury decision over the killing of Breonna Taylor.

The decision is set to be announced by Kentucky’s Attorney General this afternoon, prompting fears that violent unrest will ensue if the officers involved in the shooting of Taylor are not charged.

“Though they are a 20-minute drive from downtown Louisville, plywood boards are covering doors and windows of the Target stores on Westport Road and near Bashford Manor,” reports Wave 3 News.

Both downtown Louisville and surrounding areas were targeted by looters following the death of George Floyd in May.

A Target store in Minneapolis was also infamously looted in response to the killing of Floyd.

The store was completely gutted by rioters, who used hammers to smash up cash registers while completely ransacking the place, providing images that served as an ominous sign for the mayhem set to unfold over the following months as Black Lives Matter agitators ran rampant.

Many commentators and BLM supporters attempted to frame the looting of Target, a large faceless corporation, as a just form of ‘reparations’, perhaps unaware of what was to come – namely the targeting of small businesses, some of them owned by black people, as well as the ritual humiliation and intimidation of diners outside restaurants.

Taylor was shot and killed by LMPD officers who were serving a warrant on her apartment during a drug raid back in March.

Her family has already received a $12 million dollar settlement after a wrongful death lawsuit, but riots are almost certain if officers escape charges and a state of emergency has been in place all week, with federal buildings also being protected by Homeland Security.


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