1 in 4 US Jews View Zionism As Racist, Colonialist Apartheid Movement!

Mondoweiss.net            By Philip Weiss                   Fri., Sept. 18, 2020

One quarter of American Jews express intensely critical ideas about Israel and Zionism, including that Israel is racist, colonial and apartheid.

More than that, 31 percent, would vote for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar regardless of Israel lobby smears of the two congresswomen as antisemitic.

Despite the efforts of Israel lobby organizations to blame the left for antisemitism, American Jews don’t buy it: 51 percent see the right as the source of antisemitism, while only 12 percent see the left as playing an equal or greater part in promoting it.

These are the findings of a survey by a rightwing thinktank, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, titled, “American Jewry in Transition: How Attitudes Toward Israel May Be Shifting.

Released in July, I only saw the poll now because J Street liked its conclusion that liberal American Jews can be pro-Israel and alienated by the rightwing Israeli government.

The most interesting discovery is that Palestinian solidarity is increasing inside the Jewish community. And as many as one fourth of the 700 American Jews the JCPA surveyed are anti-Zionist!

Palestinian solidarity messaging has worked: “human rights” has gained traction even in the Jewish community to create “negative associations” of Israel. BDS has also gotten traction in the Jewish community!

Even though everyone from Barack Obama to Jonathan Greenblatt says it’s antisemitic.

Continues here: https://mondoweiss.net/2020/09/up-to-1-in-4-us-jews-sees-zionism-as-racist-colonialist-apartheid-movement-says-rightwing-israeli-thinktank/

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