Hillary Clinton Offers Biden Advice On Facing Trump

Politicon.com                  By Matthew Choi               Fri., Aug.21, 2020

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has some advice for Joe Biden on facing President Donald Trump: Be prepared to confront someone unlike anyone you’ve ever dealt with before. And keep focused.

Speaking on MSNBC on Friday morning, the former first lady and secretary of state offered insight into challenging Trump as the only other person to have done so in a general election race. She said Trump’s irregularity as a candidate meant her campaign had to navigate new waters, and she advised Biden to stay on top of and debunk misinformation.

She also said Biden should continue to stick to his message without getting thrown off by the latest Trump remark and to be prepared for a highly unusual debate experience.

She continued: “Try to get your message beyond the sort of reality show environment that [Trump] is trying to create so that the American people have an idea about why they would vote for you, not just against Donald Trump.”

Clinton also warned Biden that debating Trump is unlike any other experience she’s had, and she advised him to get ready for punches out of left field.

“Be prepared on that debate stage to be standing there with somebody unlike anyone you’ve been involved with before in politics, someone who lies with impunity, who literally will say anything, try to throw you off your game,” she said.

Clinton warned Biden to keep on that track and not to get distracted with whatever verbal assaults and incendiary remarks Trump may throw at him.

“Don’t get thrown off your game,” Clinton said.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/hillary-clinton-offers-biden-advice-on-battling-trump/ar-BB18ecyG?li=BBorjTa

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