Deliberate Provocation? Israeli Jet Makes ‘Aggressive’ Pass Over Iranian Passenger Plane in Syrian Airspace. (tweet vid)

Sputnik            Thurs., July, 23, 2020

According to reports in Iranian media, an Israeli aircraft made an “aggressive” close pass near an Iranian airliner that was flying through Syrian airspace on Thursday.

According to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Mahan Air Flight 1152 on its way to Beirut, Lebanon, from Tehran, Iran, was approached closely on Thursday by an aircraft purported to be Israeli. However, PressTV has reported it may have been American.

“After this dangerous action by the Israeli fighter, the pilot of the passenger plane quickly reduced the altitude of the flight to avoid colliding with the Israeli fighter, which caused a number of passengers on the flight to be injured,” IRIB reported. Al-Hadath reported four wounded passengers.

Video captured on board the flight and shared on social media shows the aircraft jolting back and forth during the maneuver as passengers scream.

​A video shared by IRIB shows the offending aircraft. While difficult to make out precisely, the silhouette seems to be that of an F-15 Eagle – an aircraft used by both US and Israeli air forces.


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