The “Twisted” Mind Of Uncle Donald: Mary Trump’s Tell-All Book

PRESS          By Myles Hoenig                Thurs., July 09, 2020

Since before Trump was elected, armchair psychiatrists and real professional mental health experts have been in violation of the Goldwater Rule, which in the American Psychiatric Association’s Principles of Medical Ethics states that one cannot diagnose a public person for whom one has not examined.

This goes back to Barry Goldwater who ran for president against Lyndon Johnson and was feared to be mentally challenged in part due to his war mongering positions.

Now that Mary Trump has written her book about Uncle Donald that breach has been mitigated. Although she never had the pleasure of a psychiatric sit-down with her uncle, as a trained clinical psychologist she has had first and second hand knowledge of his behaviour, and probably more importantly, a greater insight into what has created the monster that resides in the US White House.

Fair to say also that she is prejudiced against him for the harm he and the family did to her father, but for so many, this accounting is a validation of their views on him.

She compares him to a three year old, ‘incapable of growing, learning, or evolving…’ We have seen this not just from the beginning of his campaign and presidency but throughout his public life. The simple act of saying you’re sorry and saying ‘yes, it was my fault’ has eluded him all throughout.

In 1989 he called for the death penalty for black teenagers falsely accused of rape of a white woman and even after exoneration he has to this day refused to acknowledge that he was wrong. All through his presidency he has rejected personal blame and put it on everyone else. The way he has totally bungled the pandemic and believes he’s the American hero in all of it shows how incredibly twisted his mind is.

Full article here:’s-tell-all-book-into-the-sick-mind-of-Uncle-Donald

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