Why Did Ghislaine Maxwell Leave Safety of France for Arrest in US?

21stCenturyWire.com            By 21wire                 Thurs., July 02, 2020

It’s the question which many are asking right now: why did this former colleague of notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein leave the relative safety of France, in effect voluntarily allowing herself to be arrested in the United States? Once again, there is a lot more to this story than the mainstream media is letting on.

At a news conference on Thursday, acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, charged with playing a role in the “sexual exploitation and abuse” of multiple underage girls by Jeffrey Epstein, according to a court filing.

Strauss also stated that Ghislaine Maxwell had “repeatedly lied” about her involvement in Epstein’s affairs, and that the truth was “almost unspeakable.” Indeed it was, especially for Epstein himself, who mysterious committed suicide whilst under the watchful eye of the federal prison system.

Strauss added that British socialite Maxwell had “enticed young girls, got them to trust her, then delivered them into the trap that she and Epstein had set for them.”

She was arrested by the FBI Thursday at a remote property in Bradford, New Hampshire.

Maxwell, 58, and he daughter of newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, has denied any wrongdoing and dismisses the claims against as “absolute rubbish.”

Why Did She Leave France?

Ever since Epstein’s untimely death in August last year, she has maintained a low public profile, effectively living ‘on the road’, jet-setting between properties in multiple countries in an effort to avoid the media and law enforcement.

The question remains why Maxwell would have suddenly handed herself over to US authorities now. The answer to that question may very well have something to do with her friend Prince Andrew, who has been in a six-month standoff with the FBI who have wanted to interview him over his relations with Epstein and to answer to victims’ accusations of under-age sexual abuse.

Could Maxwell have been summoned by the powers that be in order to provide a buffer against any further overtures by authorities towards the British Royal Family?

At the moment, the press have renewed their campaign pressure on 60 year-old Prince Andrew to ‘stop making excuses’ and now tell the FBI everything he knows about Epstein and his former girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell, who was born in France to a French mother.France does not extradite its citizens, it was believed that she was there in order to avoid being sent to the United States.

Continues here: https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/07/02/why-did-ghislaine-maxwell-leave-safety-of-france-for-arrest-in-us/

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2 Responses to Why Did Ghislaine Maxwell Leave Safety of France for Arrest in US?

  1. BitinDawg says:

    ’tis a mystery to me. I’m just a wondering if this isn’t the consequence of some falling out or tension between intelligence agencies, explicitly, the CIA vs the Mossad, the FBI vs Shin Bet, or if even maybe the French intelligence agencies might have had a role in the matter.


    • ron abbass says:

      BitinDawg, Thanks for commenting – much appreciated! Here’s a snippet of an article I read, but didn’t fully understand the legal intent of the matter. It appears to me that Maxwell was able to cut a deal with a judge thru her lawyer. Here’s part of it and the link.

      US District Court Judge Loretta Preska, who was appointed by George Herbert Walker Bush, and whom his son had considered promoting to the Supreme Court, ruled in a case on July 1st, ordering the attorneys for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia (Roberts) Guiffre, to “destroy” a list of men who had taken advantage of Epstein’s “girls.”

      This action pertains to a case not only against Epstein, who is dead, but against his friend and colleague Ghislaine Maxwell, who happened to become arrested by the FBI in Bedford New Hampshire the very next day, on July 2nd.



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