Is Schwarzenegger Concerned About Face Masks In Gym Or Promoting Vaccines?

Sputnik             Wed., June 17, 2020

Actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger (pic above) left his favourite gym after he noticed that people there were not wearing masks, TMZ reported.

According to the outlet, the 72-year-old Terminator star bicycled to Gold’s on Tuesday, but decided to not go inside after seeing gymgoers without face masks, which the World Health Organisation has said helps stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Employees at the gym informed the acclaimed bodybuilder that people were required to wear masks only when they enter the building and in common areas. This policy does not run counter to state regulations. Schwarzenegger said he would not return to Gold’s until people wear masks or until scientists develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

The development comes as health experts in the United States say the country is experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus, with spikes in cases being reported in several cities after US authorities lifted security restrictions.

“We’re opening up across the country, but many, many people are not social distancing, many are not wearing their masks”, William Schaffner, a professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, told in an interview with CNBC. Schaffner stressed that people need to remain vigilant as a second wave could exhaust the country’s medical system.

The United States has the largest number of coronavirus cases (2.2 million) and has the highest death toll from the disease – 119,000. However, the mortality rate in the US is considerably lower than in many major European countries.

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