Anti-Semitic Anti-US Cartoon Promoted By Chinese Embassy

It’s freaking amazing – when it comes to counterfeit Israel, the truth is always anti-Semitic!  🙂   (r. a. note)               By Ben Cohen              Wed., May 27, 2020

A virulently anti-American and antisemitic cartoon tweeted by the Chinese Embassy in Paris on Monday previously appeared on several websites linked to white supremacists and Holocaust deniers.

Accompanied by the text “Qui est le prochain?” (“Who’s next?”), the cartoon showed the figure of death draped in a US flag while holding a scythe embossed with the Star of David. The death figure stood alongside a row of doorways marked with the names of countries such as Syria, Venezuela and Hong Kong — all supposedly the targets of American and “Zionist” destabilization plots.

According to the French monitoring organization Conspiracy Watch, the cartoon had previously been featured on several extremist websites. In 2014, it was published on the website of Alain Soral, a French far-right agitator and vocal Holocaust denier.

The same image appeared again on a Sept. 2016 article by David Icke — a notorious British Holocaust denier, white supremacist and peddler of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

In Feb. 2017, the cartoon ran on AlterInfo, a French Holocaust denial site.

More recent online sightings of the cartoon have included Les Crises, a French left-wing website focused on international politics, and Global Research, a Canada-based website that aggressively supports the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes.

The publication of the cartoon by the Chinese Embassy in France conforms to a pattern established in recent months of using its online assets for visceral attacks on the US and its allies as the coronavirus pandemic has worsened.

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