Hungary Votes 134-56 to End Legal Recognition of Trans People

Dr. Rachel, pic above is a trans – male to female. He/she Jewish Secretary of Health of Pennsylvania, USA She/He  is not involved in this article.(r. a. note)

Russian       By Lionel Du Cane                  Fri., May 22, 2020

In a groundbreaking vote, garnering international attention, Hungary has used the coronavirus epidemic to end the “legal recognition” of transgender individuals.

The legislation will make it impossible for anybody to change their gender on legal documentation–in a move slammed for its erasure of transgender individuals.

International activist groups have decried the decision. Hungary’s Amnesty International Researcher Krisztina Tamás-Sáróy said:

“This decision pushes Hungary back towards the dark ages and tramples the rights of transgender and intersex people. It will not only expose them to further discrimination but will also deepen an already intolerant and hostile environment faced by the LGBTI community.

“It is critical for Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to act urgently and request that the Constitutional Court review and swiftly annuls the appalling provisions of this law.

“Everyone’s gender identity should be legally recognised and everyone must be allowed to change their legal name and gender markers on all official documents.”

At the national registry and identification documents, instead of an option of “sex” an option for “sex assigned at birth” will be available.

National File reported before the proposition:

The amendment would recognize “sex at birth,” making it impossible to change ones gender throughout the course of their life.

According to Forbes, Hungary’s rationale behind the decision–sealed in a 134-56 vote–was that “completely changing one’s biological sex is impossible” and why “it is necessary to lay it down in law that it cannot be changed in the civil registry either.”

Hungary also gained notoriety for banning gender sciences at their universities.

Full article here:

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