New Video Re Ahmaud Arbery 2017: Cops Attempted To Taze Him In Confrontation (2 min vid)

Big League   By Richard Moorhead             Tues., May 19, 2020

New video of a heated confrontation between Ahmaud Arbery (pic above) and Glynn County Police in 2017 was published by the Guardian on Monday, detailing an incident in which police attempted to use a taser on the Georgia man.

A police report for the incident, which didn’t entail any arrests, describes officers as engaging Arbery in a park they claim is known for drug and criminal activity. The officers ask Arbery for his identification and checked to see if he had any arrest warrants, with the man eventually becoming agitated with the police.

Arbery can be heard aggressively questioning the Glynn County officers in the video. Arbery was later let go, and a responding officer claimed to have smelled marijuana emanating from his car in the police report.

When questioned about his presence in the park, Arbery says he was simply rapping in the park. When an officer tells him to keep his hands out of his pockets, he aggressively denies having any weapons on him or engaging in any criminal activity. Arbery refused a request for permission to search his car from the police.

Arbery was killed in a confrontation with two other Georgia men, Travis and Gregory McMichaels, in an incident that has ignited racial controversy across the nation. The 25-year old man, who was seen running down a street in Brunswick, Georgia, was confronted by the McMichaels in an event that ultimately led to his shooting death.

The McMichaels allege they acted in self-defense when Arbery, who they suspected of recent burglaries in their neighborhood, whereas critics of the men claim they engaged in reckless and violent vigilantism without probable cause.


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